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Creativity through collaboration

Sonic Quiver has become known for its inspired, youthful energy, spanning a broad spectrum of genres, with cues specifically tailored for broadcast and film. Sonic Quiver offers a robust collection of trend-driven content from commercial producers, covering genres like indie, rock, punk, country and blues. The label also features sophisticated orchestral compositions for drama and film, including crime, thriller, epic, romance and action.

Sonic Quiver boasts a strong American identity with albums like 'Road Movie', 'West Coast, Best Coast'; 'Bluegrass and Blues' and 'Aloha!' and is your go-to library for those quirky, cheerful indie cues ('Him & Her', 'Nowhere I'd Rather Be', 'Reasons to Smile'; 'The Simple Things'; and 'Sunshine Indie' ), and their attitude to Rock'n'Roll is quite simple: "go big or go home" ('Damaged Goods'; 'Hell on Wax'; 'Retrosonic!'; ''Grinding Gears'; and 'Monsta').

Sonic Quiver is the perfect blend of youth and heritage; offering high-quality orchestral cues from established and respected composers, coupled with on-the-pulse commercially influenced releases from world-class producers.

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